Fur Coat Repairs, Fur Restyling and Alterations by Experts

Fur Remodeling and Restyling

We can restyle your fur coat into a new design that fits your lifestyle and needs. We've taken old mink coats in good condition and sheared them down to create soft light weight fur that can be used and in a reversible all weather, travel coat. Travel coats are practical by day and elegant by night. Choose a water repellant silk fabric to increase the wearability of your old fur coat.

Some other popular fur restyling ideas are turning a Mink Stole Fur into a fur vest, fur jacket and even a real fur teddy bear. Did you inherit a fur coat that has sentimental value? We can do so many things with it so that you can remember your loved one and have something beautiful, tangible and usable to remember them by. With proper care you will be able to pass it down to the nest generation.

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